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Supporting Consistent Cell Culture Processes

Non-animal origin supplements not only simplify regulatory processes, they also avoid export / import issues that might otherwise delay your product launch. Thanks to recombinant manufacturing, you can benefit from reliable and consistent supplies. MilliporeSigma’s non-animal origin supplements are specifically formulated for cell culture applications.

CellPrime® rAlbumin AF-S

CellPrime® rAlbumin AF-S is a 10% albumin solution that contains no ingredients of animal or human origin, and thus eliminates concerns about the possible presence of adventitious agents from these sources (eg, viruses or other infectious agents). It is ideally suited for media development, optimization or supplementation, as an animal-free substitute for human serum albumin.
  • Non-animal origin
  • Replacement for animal-derived albumin
  • Recombinantly expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • No detectable proteolytic activity
  • Low concentration of fatty acids
  • Formulated for cell culture applications
  • cGMP Production in FDA inspected facilities

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CellPrime® r Insulin

Insulin is a pivotal component in cell culture media, as it enhances cell growth and protein production throughout your upstream processes.

To optimize your cell culture media without sacrificing quality, MilliporeSigma now offers CellPrime® r Insulin, a non-animal origin, recombinant supplement that provides excellent quality, performance and lot-to-lot consistency. Used in the production of mAbs, viral vaccines and a wide spectrum of other recombinant biomolecules, CellPrime® r Insulin is produced by microbial expression as a recombinant human insulin precursor in E.coli (K12). It is followed by enzymatic cleavage and subsequent purification steps, yielding a crystalline powder product.
  • In line with highest market standard for non-animal origin materials
  • Traceable raw materials of non-animal origin
  • Long-term viability of various cell lines
  • Confirmed cell culture growth and performance profiles
Manufactured according to cGMP in a state-of-the-art, dedicated production facility that meets non-animal origin requirements, CellPrime® r Insulin complies with compendial standards defined in USP and EP monographs.

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CellPrime® rTrypsin

CellPrime® rTrypsin is recombinantly expressed by a synthetic DNA construct that encodes the porcine gene sequence in the yeast Pichia pastoris. It is manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines in a dedicated state-of-the-art production facility that meets non-animal origin requirements.
  • Traceable raw materials of non-animal origin
  • Effective cell splitting and seed train expansion
  • Available as powder and liquid product
  • USP 2015 monograph compliant
Recombinant trypsin can be used to dissociate and resuspend adherent cells during harvest in vaccine production. In adult human stem cell culture, it can dislodge adherent cells grown on carriers (e.g. hMSC) while preserving the structural and functional integrity of cell surface markers. Further applications comprise recombinant insulin manufacturing (as protease in the maturation of proinsulin to active insulin) and general life science R&D cell culturing (passage adherent cells).

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CellPrime® rTransferrin Recombinant Transferrin

CellPrime® rTransferrin is a non-animal origin (NAO) supplement that is manufactured according to EXiPACT good manufacturing practices (EXiPACT GMP)* It combines excellent quality with superior performance and lot-to-lot consistency. This supplement is expressed from a synthetic DNA insert that encodes the human gene sequence in the yeast Pichia pastoris.

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