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Robust Clarification

The ultimate goal of clarification is to prepare your cell culture for downstream chromatography and purification. With almost 40 years of experience helping drug manufacturers ensure successful and robust clarification processes, we are committed to helping you address your most complex manufacturing challenges in bringing mAb and plasma-derived therapeutics to market.

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Millistak+® HC Pro Synthetic Depth Filters
Millistak+® HC Pro (High Capacity Synthetic Media) is a family of synthetic depth filters providing a clean and consistent depth filtration media for primary and secondary clarification as well as downstream filtration.

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Millistak+® Pod Depth Filter System

Millistak+® depth filter media is offered in a scalable, disposable format, the Pod Filter System. Accommodating applications from lab to pilot to process scale, the Pod format offers greater flexibility because of its unique modular and 100% disposable design.

Clarisolve® System

Our Clarisolve® depth filter is the first primary clarification offering with a gradient density structure specifically designed to the particle size distributions of pretreated feed streams. With improved volumetric capacity and reduced turbidity over currently available depth filters, the clarification step of pretreated feeds can be processed in a significantly reduced footprint without the need for a secondary stage of clarification.

Mobius® FlexReady Solutions for Clarification

Mobius® single-use manufacturing offers a range of products, services and solutions to meet your particular clarification challenges. You can select from a range of single-use options including mixers, integrated filtration platforms, connectors, storage containers and hardware.

Prostak™ Microfiltration Module

Suited for clarification, Prostak™ microfiltration modules are tangential flow filtration devices in a stacked plate configuration with Durapore® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) microporous membrane with open channels. Prostak™ microfiltration modules are available in four sizes: 2, 4, 10 and 20 stacks, making them applicable for bench-top, pilot, and production-scale systems. The modules can be integrity tested and steam sterilized for at least 20 cycles.

Clarigard® Filters

Clarigard® filters' 99.99% retention rating characteristic makes them ideal for the protection of critical downstream process steps such as membrane filters or chromatography columns. The graded-density depth structure of Clarigard filter media provides maximum filtration capacity, and the all-polypropylene construction offers low extractables levels and broad chemical compatibility.


Polygard® Filters

Polygard® cartridge filters provide high throughput with minimal differential pressure. Cartridges are robust, strong, resilient and are designed to withstand multiple steam-in-place cycles.

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