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The NovaSeptum® GO Sterile Sampling System

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Now Available in Conical Tube Format

Continuing to set the sampling standard, NovaSeptum® GO Sterile Sampling System provides you with the flexibility and safety you need to sample throughout your entire process. Its closed design maximizes security and reduces the risk of cross contamination for consistent, representative samples.

We now have 15 mL sterile conical tube sampling units that offer convenience for small volume sample collection for routine QC testing, without the need to aliquot. The 15 mL conical tube is made from polystyrene, a raw material recommended by regulatory bodies for endotoxin sampling.

Media Preparation
Bioburden Reduction
Sterile Filtration
Final Fill

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From your bioreactor to final sterile filtration, the NovaSeptum® GO sampling system lets you sample processes the way you want. Flexible formats and volumes adapt to your process for robust, reliable monitoring and quality assurance.