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Multi-use Ultrafiltration Systems


Range of Standard and Custom Systems

We understand the critical factors necessary for you to achieve successful concentration and diafiltration with maximum recovery of product.  From drug discovery through commercial production, we provide a range of standard and custom systems to meet your needs every step of the way.
Cogent® Process Scale System
Cogent® Process Scale SystemsThe fully automated Cogent® Process Scale System is designed to separate and purify monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, plasma, and therapeutic proteins. It is ideally suited for both pilot and production scale applications, thereby supporting rapid scale up from small to large scale operations.

Benefiting from our leading bioprocess knowledge and engineering expertise, the Cogent® Process Scale System is the culmination of 25 years of custom system design and incorporates many unique, innovative and intelligent design features. This system has a very low hold-up volume for maximum volume concentration and optimal product recovery, thus enhancing process performance.
Cogent® M1 TMP Control Tangential Flow Filtration System
Cogent® M1 TMP Control Tangential Flow Filtration SystemEquipped with a 10 liter tank with embedded balance, the Cogent® M1 system can run in fed-batch or diafiltration mode using an optional transfer pump, which enables the system to process up to 100 liters or more based on product and membrane filter characteristics.
In addition, the proprietary membrane filter holder is designed with integrated sensors and sanitary connections, greatly contributing to a low minimum working volume.
Cogent® µScale TFF System
Cogent® µScale TFF SystemThe Cogent® μScale tangential flow filtration (TFF) system is an easy-to-use, semi-automated bench top solution that has been designed to fully support TFF process development at the “micro-scale.” It is also an excellent tool for streamlin¬ing everyday low volume ultrafiltration/concentration and diafiltration (UF/DF) work in the biopharmaceutical research environment.

With a low minimum working volume (16 mL), the ability to operate at feed pressures up to 80 psi (5.5 bar) and low pulsation (≤3 psi), the Cogent® μScale TFF system enables both scaling studies and low volume UF/DF work. It is ideally suited for purifying and concentrating your monoclo¬nal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, gene therapy constructs, blood serum products, and other cell derived components.
Custom Engineered Systems
Custom Engineered SystemsAt full scale production, our advanced customized purification solutions not only match your immediate purification requirements, but also ensure smooth transitions as your process needs change.
Application of QbD Principles to Ultrafiltration Operations in Bioprocessing - Watch Now

Application of QbD Principles to Ultrafiltration Operations in Bioprocessing

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