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Reflectoquant® System: The Inexpensive, Mobile Laboratory


Webinar: How to analyze chemical disinfectant parameters after disinfection control

Chemical residues are especially important to monitor after disinfection control as their presence may cause adverse health effects or affect the quality of the final product. Join our webinar to find out how to quickly analyze chemical disinfectant parameters to ensure the safety of your production line after disinfection & the different methods available.

Perform Critical Analyses Directly On-Site

RQflex® 10MilliporeSigma offers you the Reflectoquant® system for simple handling with the precision of complex instrumental analysis. Monitor the raw materials you use in all stages of your production processes, for example, in agriculture, food or water analysis, hygiene monitoring, and industrial analysis to ensure high quality throughout.

Our Reflectoquant® system provides an inexpensive, mobile laboratory to perform critical analyses and obtain quantitative results directly on-site. Our full range consists of test strips, and reflectometer and accessories, combining ease-of-use with the accuracy of instrumental analysis.

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Reflectoquant® system 7,000 years ago man began to domesticate wild bees. Today, the honeybee is a genus of its own and plays an important role in pollination in almost every agricultural area. Popular worldwide, honey is produced by everyone from private beekeepers to industrial manufacturers. As a result, reliable monitoring has become essential, the Reflectoquant system can provide fast analysis of glucose and fructose content, or Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), for example.

Instrument and Accessories

RQflex® 10Our new RQflex® 20 reflectometer combines the simplicity of test strips and test kits with the accuracy of mobile on-site instrumental analysis—for more than 20 parameters in various fields of application.

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Reflectoquant® Test Strips

Reflectoquant® Test StripsMilliporeSigma’s Reflectoquant® test strips in combination with the new RQflex® 20 reflectometer – and quantitative measurement of different substances is both easy and accurate. Practically anyone can easily obtain accurate quantitative results when using them.

Reflectoquant® test strips are developed for precise on-site analysis. All required reagents are included in the package, quality-controlled to ensure truly accurate and reproducible results.

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Advantages of  Reflectoquant®

  • small and easy to use for on-the-spot analysis
  • bar-coded test strips with batch specific calibration for reliable, quantitative results in minutes
  • low analysis costs and reduced waste
  • many applications available

Test Samples

Reflectoquant® HMF Quick Test: Reliable In-Process Monitoring of Honey and Juice

Reflectoquant® HMF Quick TestReflectoquant® HMF Test is the reliable and fast way to determine freshness of honey or fruit juice by the hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content. HMF is an important quality criterion in many thermally-treated foods and drinks.

Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test – for Less Acrylamide in Food

Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test MilliporeSigma´s Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test is the easy way to determine the reducing sugar content in your potatoes, and minimize the amount of acrylamide in your potato products. It is designed to screen potatoes on-the-spot and before they go into production, saving you costly analyses in the laboratory.

Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test contains everything you need for on-site determination: Reflectoquant® test strips, plus an easy-to-read instructions insert. Results appear on the display of the RQflex reflectometer – you can also use RQdata software to transmit them to your computer.

MilliporeSigma’s Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test is based on tried-and-tested Reflectoquant® equipment. Every reagent has been subjected to stringent quality control to ensure truly accurate and reproducible results. Additionally, the barcode that comes with each Reflectoquant® Total Sugar Test contains all the information you need to correctly evaluate the test in the reflectometer. This includes calibration data on the batch, data regarding parameters (such as the reaction time), and factors for wavelength correction.

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Nitrate in Vegetables

Nitrate in VegetablesNitrate in itself is not harmful to human health. Its metabolic products, on the other hand, can be damaging to health. Limits have been set for nitrate levels for example, in drinking water, infant foods and vegetables. Check out our application notes detailing the use of the Reflectoquant® Nitrate Test for a range of sample materials.

There are both health and dietary reasons why it is important to determine nitrate concentrations in vegetables. For this reason World Health Organization has set a limit of 3.65 mg nitrate per kg bodyweight and day. For a person weighing 75 kg the limit is therefore 274 mg nitrate per day. The sources of ingested nitrate are as follows: vegetables 70%, drinking water 20%, and cured meats 10%. These figures highlight the need for checks on nitrate levels in vegetables.

Their nitrate contents can be determined rapidly and reasonably accurately by evaluating nitrate test strips using an RQeasy Nitrate or RQflex reflectometer.

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