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MilliporeSigma provides selected high-quality metal salts, metals and noble metals suitable for pharmacopoeia analysis and specified in accordance to international standards such as ACS or Reag. Ph Eur. Using selected raw materials, state-of-the-art production technology, and stringent quality management, we strive to deliver you premium products for your most demanding analytical applications.

Our metal salts, metals and noble metals “for analysis EMSURE®” feature consistently high purity (generally > 99.0%) and excellent batch consistency. They are specifically tested for trace impurities and come in many different pack sizes to meet your individual needs.

Complete Product Range for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

MilliporeSigma offers several hundred reagents for pharmacopoeia analysis – from acids, salts, and caustic alkalis to indicators, standards and volumetric solutions through to solvents and special reagents. If you have special requests not covered by our standard products, we offer individual analysis or packaging solutions as well. Your advantage: You get everything from one trusted source, and you can be sure to work with high-quality reagents that meet all requirements of your demanding applications.

Inorganic Reagents

Inorganic Reagents
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Inorganic Reagents

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