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Multiple Sizes in One Single Plate

MilliporeSigma’s multiformat glass plates are pre-scored so that they can be easily snapped by hand into smaller sizes. The plates utilize the same proven silica gel coating as the corresponding non-scored TLC or HPTLC plate, delivering chromatograms of equally high quality.

The number of possible plates depends on the scoring. For example, for a 20 × 20 cm plate, scored in sections of 5 × 10, up to seven different formats are possible:

  • 5 cm × 10 cm
  • 5 cm × 20 cm
  • 10 cm × 10 cm
  • 10 cm × 15 cm
  • 10 cm × 20 cm
  • 15 cm × 20 cm
  • 20 cm × 20 cm

Features and Benefits

  • Simply snap to desired size
  • Same high quality as classical non-scored TLC and HPTLC plates
  • Up to 7 formats in one plate

How to Use Multiformat TLC and HPTLC Plates


Note: To prevent the glass backing from breaking in an uncontrolled and irregular manner, avoid putting plates directly on hot metal plates, drying cabinets or plate heaters after development and/or staining. When heat drying is necessary, please use distance holders of low thermal conductivity between the glass and the hot metal plate, i.e. glass rods or similar.

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