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With Individual Laser Coding for Secure Documentation

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Chromatography/GLP_plates.pngBased on MilliporeSigma’s proven silica gel 60, our GLP plates deliver the same unsurpassed separation performance as the corresponding TLC or HPTLC plates. The only difference is that each of our laser-coded GLP plates is marked with an item, batch, and individual plate number. This allows you to easily record and archive every plate you use. The GLP plates are available as TLC or HPTLC grade in various formats, with or without the fluorescence indicator F254, which is stimulated to green emission at 254 nm.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient back tracing of article, batch, and individual plate number
  • Easy documentation and archiving of every plate
  • Same reliable performance as MilliporeSigma’s TLC and HPTLC plates
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