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HPTLC Plates for Quantitative Analysis of Complex Samples

High performance thin-layer chromatography plates (HPTLC)High performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) plates from MilliporeSigma are the perfect choice for quantitative separation using instrumental HPTLC. The optimized, smaller particles enable significant higher speed, more efficiency and better sensitivity than classical TLC plates. The parallel separation of many samples per plate and an extremely high matrix-tolerance enables a separation time of 20 seconds (or less) per sample with almost no need for sample preparation, which makes HPTLC outstanding in cost-efficiency.

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Features and Benefits

  • Optimized silica gel 60 sorbent with smaller particle size
  • Higher packing density and smoother surface
  • Faster analysis and greater sensitivity
  • Highly reproducible, focused bands for quantitative analysis
  • Ideal for instrument-supported applications

Discover Our HPTLC Plates

HPTLC plates are available with glass or aluminum backing in a variety of formats to suit many separation needs. The fluorescent indicators used are: green fluorescent F254, or blue fluorescent acid-stable F254s. Both indicators fluoresce in UV light at an excitation wavelength of 254 nm.

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