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Suitable for Packed or Capillary Columns

In gas chromatography (GC), liquid stationary phases are either used to coat an inert adsorbent in packed columns, or to coat the tube walls of capillary columns. MilliporeSigma offers a wide range of high-quality liquid stationary phases to suit a variet of GC applications.

Product Range

NameSolventTemperature Range [°C]
Dimethyl sulfoxide Acetone 0-40
Dinonyl phthalate Acetone / Chloroform 20-130
Polyethylene glycol 400
(Carbowax 400)
Chloroform 40-90
Polyethylene glycol 4000
(Carbowax 4000)
Chloroform 50-150
Silicone oil 550 Chloroform 20-130
Squalane Chloroform 20-120
Triton® X-100 Methanol 20-180
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