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Hibar® RT ready-to-use HPLC column

Hibar® RT is a traditional, ready-to-use HPLC column with threads at both ends onto which reducers for capillary connections are screwed. 

Pre-columns are typically coupled with the main column via capillaries. Once the column is exhausted, it may either be refilled (provided aggressive eluents have not caused corrosion or worn threads) or discarded. Column refilling without tube revision is problematic in view of GLP, since each column has a different history, and a different pretreatment for every new assignment.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient ready-to-use column
  • Easy mounting and assembly

Mounting a LiChroCART® 4×4 Pre-Column with Direct Connection to a Hibar® RT HPLC Column

Mounting a LiChroCART® 4×4 pre-column with direct connection to a Hibar® RT HPLC columnPre-column holder for 4×4 LiChroCART® cartridge for direct coupling to Hibar® RT column

  1. Remove the endfitting of the Hibar® RT columns at the inlet side of the column (in front of flow direction).
  2. Screw the holder with seat for the pre-column onto the Hibar® RT column and tighten with tool to avoid leaking.
  3. Fit the LiChroCART® 4x4 pre-column into the holder seat.
  4. Fit the endfitting of the holder and tighten with tool to avoid leaking.

Mounting a LiChroCART® 4×4 mm Pre-Column to any Analytical HPLC Column

  • Pre-column holder for 4×4 LiChroCART® cartridges for capillary connection
  • Capillary connection
  • HPLC column of any supplier
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