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LiChrospher® WP 300 RP-18 HPLC Columns

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High-Resolution Separations of Peptides and tRNA Molecules

LiChrospher® WP 300 RP-18 HPLC ColumnsLiChrospher® WP 300 RP-18 is a highly selective and reliable HPLC column for the separation of peptides and low molecular weight proteins. The column enables tailing-free separations of basic compounds, and is optimally suited for the separation of tRNA molecules. LiChrospher® WP 300 RP-18 also achieves excellent recovery rates, especially for highly hydrophobic peptides. Thanks to the identical selectivity of its 5, 12, and 15 μm columns, LiChrospher® WP 300 RP-18 allows trouble-free preparative up-scaling.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly selective HPLC of peptides and tRNA molecules
  • Tailing-free separations of basic compounds
  • Easy up-scaling due to identical selectivity of different columns

Application Examples

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Angiotensin I and II

Poly-L-lysine peptides

Specifications of LiChrospher® WP 300 RP-1

Sorbent characteristics Particles of silica with octadecyl derivative
Particle shape Spherical
Particle size 5, 12, 15 μm
Pore size 300 Å (30 nm)
Spec. surface area 80 m2/g
Carbon load 20 % C
pH range 2-7.5
Shipping eluent Acetonitrile/water
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