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LiChrospher® 60 RP-Select B HPLC Columns

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Optimized for Excellent Separations of Basic Compounds

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Chromatography/LE-Chrom-LiChrospher® HPLC columns-150x245-02212014.pngLiChrospher® 60 RP-Select B is a versatile reversed-phase sorbent optimized for HPLC separations of basic compounds. Based on spherical silica particles, the sorbent prevents secondary interactions with basic substances, and ensures that they are eluted as highly symmetrical peaks. Besides offering excellent separation properties for basic compounds, LiChrospher® 60 RP-Select B is also suitable for the determination of neutral and acidic substances.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimal HPLC separations of basic compounds
  • Symmetrical peak shapes
  • No secondary interactions with basic substances
  • Master batch concept ensures highly reproducible results
  • Also suitable for neutral and acidic substances

Highest Reliability for Your HPLC Results

With LiChrospher® RP-select B, several individual batches are used to produce a large master batch of the sorbent. This eliminates variations between different small batches, and ensures the sorbent’s excellent batch-to-batch consistency. Consequently, LiChrospher® RP-select B delivers highly reproducible results, and secures the reliability of your HPLC method.

The superior reproducibility of the “master batch LiChrospher® RP-select B" compared to small individual batches of the sorbent can be clearly demonstrated with the Tanaka test, a very demanding HPLC column test procedure.

Tanaka 1 test


LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B

Application Examples

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Environmental analysis: Phenols

Environmental analysis: Fungicides in wine


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