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173016 Prove 100


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Catalog NumberPackaging Qty/Pack
1730160001 Fibre carton 1 unit
Catalogue Number173016
OverviewThe Spectroquant® Prove 100 is the best choice for those who primarily use our broad range of Spectroquant® Test Kits, or only perform Vis measurements.

The Spectroquant® Prove 100 provides high quality and great value for money for your daily analyses.

The Spectroquant® Prove family is our series of cutting edge spectrophotometers for easy analysis of water, food and beverage, and environmental samples. All Spectroquant® Prove instruments are pre-programmed for over 200 Test Kits and automatic bar code recognition ensures the correct method parameters are applied and all essential information such as lot number, expiry date, and automatic calibration updates are recorded, making the use of analytical Test Kits as easy as never before.
Product Information
HS Code9027 30 00
Quality LevelMQ100
ApplicationVIS Spectrophotometer 4 nm spectral bandwidth Spectroquant®. Request More Information
Biological Information
Physicochemical Information
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Storage class10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
Safety Information
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1730160001 04027269845780



EC - Declaration of Conformity for Spectroquant® Prove 100 VIS spectrophotometer

Technical Info

Data Sheet - Spectroquant Prove 100

Application Notes

ADMI Color Measurement for Prove
ASTM Color Measurement for Prove
ASTM-Farbmessung für Prove
Ammonia (free) for Prove
Ammoniak (frei) für Prove
Aniline in wastewater
Ascorbic acid in fruit juices
Bestimmung des Carotingehalts von rohem Palmöl entsprechend DIN EN ISO 17932:2011
Calcium in tomato
Calcium in tomato (Food & Beverages)

User Guides

Manual Analysis Methods for the Brewery Industry Spectroquant® Prove 2021-05
Safety Instructions Spectroquant® Prove - Multilingual (28 Languages)
Spectroquant Prove Operating Manual - English
User Guide - 1.73016 - Analytical Procedures and Annexes
User Guide - 1.73016 - Analytical Procedures and Annexes -French
User Guide - 1.73016 - Analytical Procedures and Annexes - Spanish
User Guide - 1.73016 - Color Manual

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Accessories (Primary)

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174010 Halogen lamp module
100784 Rectangular cells quartz 10 mm
114724 Empty cells 16 mm
114944 Rectangular cells 50 mm
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Accessories (Secondary)


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