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ProSep® Ultra Plus Chromatography Media

Designed for high throughput affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies and other proteins.



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175118822Prosep® Ultra Plus 2 mL Bottle 1 x 2 mL Show Pricing & Availability
175118824Prosep® Ultra Plus 10 mL Bottle 1 x 10 mL Show Pricing & Availability
175118827Prosep® Ultra Plus 100 mL Bottle 1 x 100 mL Show Pricing & Availability
175118830Prosep® Ultra Plus 1 L Bottle 1 x 1 L Show Pricing & Availability
175118833Prosep® Ultra Plus 5 L Bottle 1 x 5 L Show Pricing & Availability
175118835Prosep® Ultra Plus 10 L Bottle 1 x 10 L Show Pricing & Availability
175118834Prosep® Ultra Plus 25 L Bottle 1 x 25 L Show Pricing & Availability

Supplied as 50% slurry in 0.1M acetate buffer, pH 5.2, 1% benzyl alcohol.

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Catalog NumberDescription
125067MiniChrom ProSep® Ultra Plus, 1 ml Show Pricing & Availability
125076MiniChrom Column ProSep® Ultra Plus, 5 ml Show Pricing & Availability
125135RoboColumn ProSep® Ultra Plus, 0.2 ml Show Pricing & Availability
125143RoboColumn ProSep® Ultra Plus, 0.6 ml Show Pricing & Availability

Supplied in 0.1M acetate buffer, pH 5.2, 1% benzyl alcohol.

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ProSep®Ultra Plus Chromatography Media

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ProSep®Ultra Plus Chromatography Media


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