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71296 PhosphoSafe™ Extraction Reagent

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Catalog NumberPackaging Qty/Pack
71296-3 Plastic ampoule 25 ml
71296-4 Glass bottle 125 ml
OverviewPhosphoSafe™ Extraction Buffer efficiently extracts cytosolic proteins from mammalian and insect cells while preserving their phosphorylation state. This reagent contains the same formula as CytoBuster™ Protein Extraction Reagent (Trim 2001), but also includes four phosphatase inhibitors: sodium fluoride, sodium vanadate, β-glycerophosphate, and sodium pyrophosphate. PhosphoSafe Extraction Reagent is compatible with kinase assays, protein interaction analysis, and other applications. This reagent is provided in convenient 25-ml bottles (1 bottle for 71296-3, 5 bottles for 71296-4).

Catalogue Number71296
Brand Family Novagen®
Features and benefits
  • Phosphorylation state preserved during extraction
  • Compatible with kinase assays
ReferencesTrim, J.E. and Sawyer, D.L. 2001. inNovations 12, 5.
Product Information
Quality LevelMQ100
Biological Information
Physicochemical Information
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Safety Information
Product Usage Statements
Storage and Shipping Information
Ship Code Dry Ice Only
Toxicity Toxic
Storage ≤ -70°C
Do not freeze Ok to freeze
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Supplemental Information
Global Trade Item Number
Catalog Number GTIN
71296-3 07790788054229
71296-4 04055977254006


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Reference overview
Trim, J.E. and Sawyer, D.L. 2001. inNovations 12, 5.

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