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69149 Perfect Protein™ Markers, 15-150 kDa

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69149-3 Glass bottle 100 lane
69149-EA Glass bottle
OverviewThe Perfect Protein™ Markers are a novel set of recombinant proteins with defined sizes at convenient intervals. Designed for routine use in SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, the Perfect Protein Markers enable highly accurate size determination of unknown samples. Unlike many conventional markers (e.g., ovalbumin, serum albumin, etc.), the Perfect Protein Markers contain no oligosaccharides that cause anomalous migration, heterogeneous "fuzzy" bands, or inaccurate size estimation. The markers are optimized for use with Coomassie blue staining, but adjusted amounts can also be used with other gel staining methods (e.g., silver staining, fluorescent dyes, etc.).

The Perfect Protein Markers, 15-150 kDa, include protein sizes of 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 150 kDa. Each vial contains 400 µg protein. A 5-µl load contains 0.5 µg for each of the protein sizes, except for the 50-kDa band, which contains twice as much protein (1.0 µg).

The Perfect Protein Markers, 10-225 kDa, include the protein sizes listed above and two additional proteins, 10 kDa and 225 kDa, for applications requiring a broader size range. Each vial contains 500 µg protein. A 5-µl load contains 0.5 µg for each of the protein sizes, except for the 50-kDa band, which contains twice as much protein (1.0 µg).

The 4X SDS Sample Buffer (Cat. No. 70607), which is separately available, is a standard formulation commonly used for SDS-PAGE analysis of proteins. The solution includes DTT for complete denaturation of disulfide bonds. The buffer can be used at a final concentration of 2X for most applications.
Catalogue Number69149
Brand Family Novagen®
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Ship Code Blue Ice Only
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69149-3 07790788052522
69149-EA 04053252043758


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