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LSKMPCR10MultiScreen PCRµ96 Filter Plate 10 Show Pricing & Availability
LSKMPCR50MultiScreen-PCRµ96 Filter Plate 50 Show Pricing & Availability
MSNU03010MultiScreen-PCR96 Filter Plate 10 Show Pricing & Availability
MSNU03050MultiScreen-PCR96 Filter Plate 50 Show Pricing & Availability
S384PCR10MultiScreen PCR384 Filter Plate 10 Show Pricing & Availability
S384PCR50MultiScreen PCR384 Filter Plate 50 Show Pricing & Availability

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Catalog NumberDescriptionPack Size
MSVMHTS00MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold 1 Show Pricing & Availability
WP6111560Chemical Duty Pump, 115 V/60 Hz 1 Show Pricing & Availability
WP6122050Chemical Duty Pump, 220 V/50 Hz 1 Show Pricing & Availability
WP6110060Chemical Duty Pump, 100 V/50–60 Hz 1 Show Pricing & Availability

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Reference overviewApplication
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A Concise Guide to cDNA Microarray Analysis
P. Hegde, R. Qi, K. Abernathy, C. Gay, S. Dharap, R. Gaspard, J.E. Hughes, E. Snesrud, N. Lee, and J. Quackenbush
BioTechniques Vol. 29, No. 3: pp 548-562 (Sep 2000)  2000

A specific and sensitive PCR assay suitable for large-scale detection of toxigenic Pasteurella multocida in nasal and tonsillar swabs specimens of pigs
Kamp, E.M. etal., J.Vet Diagn Invest 8:, 304-309
J.Vet Diagn Invest 8:, 304-309  1996

Nucleic Acid Purification and Concentration
Use of MultiScreen Plates for the Preparation of Bacterial DNA Suitable for PCR
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BioTechniques. 19: 2, 282 – 285  1995

Nucleic Acid Purification and Concentration


Can the MultiScreen-PCR plate be used with another manufacturers vacuum manifold?No, the plate needs the support grid of the Millipore vacuum manifold.
I overlay mineral oil on my PCR reactions before I run them in the thermocycler. Will the mineral oil pose a problem when I perform the dye terminator clean-up procedure with the MultiScreen plates?The mineral oil will not interfere with the dye terminator clean-up. We have run PCR reactions through a G-50 loaded MultiScreen plate and found no reduction in signal strength or sequencing accuracy of the purified product.
Will mineral oil be removed by the MultiScreen 384-PCR plate?No. Oil will resuspend with PCR products. All 384 thermocyclers use "Hot Bonnet" technology, however, eliminating the need for oil.
When using the Multiscreen PCR plates, what is the minimum and maximum DNA loading capacity per well?The minimum DNA loading capacity is one microgram per well. There is no upper limit.
When using the Montage PCR-96 kit, what is the recommended procedure for resuspension of PCR fragments post filtration?Avoid manual pipetting. The use of a plate shaker or automated pipettor (on robotic liquid handling system) is highly recommended.
I am using the Multiscreen PCR plate and losing 20-50 percent of my final resuspended sample after agitation. How can I correct for this?1) After the initial vacuum filtration of your sample be sure to blot the bottom of the plate well on a paper towel. Do not put the plate on anything with wicking capability after that.
2) Readjust the agitation speed of your plate shaker following the guidelines in the Multiscreen-PCR plate operating manual.
Can the Montage PCRm96 plate be used in centrifugal mode?No. The Montage PCRm96 plate is designed for purification using vacuum filtration only.
If I dilute my sample when using the Montage PCRu96 plate, will that increase the amount of time for filtration to be completed?Yes. Although sample dilution will marginally increase processing time, dilution is essential for maximal recovery of PCR products.
Is a wash step required following the initial filtration when using the Montage PCRu96 plate?The PCR product is sufficiently pure for DNA sequencing after a single vacuum filtration. If a particular application demands even higher purity, a wash step may be added.
Is the Montage PCRm96 plate capable of removing Triton or other detergents from the PCR reaction?No. The use of PCR reaction buffers that contain high concentrations of surfactants (i.e., greater than the critical micelle concentration) or protein stabilizers (e.g., gelatin) is not recommended for this application. Surfactants including Tween-20, Triton X-100 and Nonidet P-40 are not efficiently removed by the Montage PCRm96 plates and may result in carry-over into subsequent reactions.