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Integritest® 4 Series Automated Filter Integrity Test Instruments

Easy-to-use, portable, fully automated integrity test system





Reference overview
In acht Minuten (In eight minutes)
Claude Arth, WW Automatic Integrity Testing Service Manager, located in Molsheim, France
Pharma + Food (German), issue March 2006, page 72  2006


Why does the information read from the bar code reader not appear on the screen properly when using a bar code reader with the Integritest 4 (IT4) Automatic Integrity Tester?In order for the bar code reader to work properly, the bar code reader must be configured to input information to the instrument in the same language that the instrument is set to. Please refer to the operating manual that was provided with the bar coder reader. Also, be aware that bar code readers may be available in more local languages than the instrument has been programmed with. The barcode reader will not work in languages that the IT4 is not programmed for.

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