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XX4002500 Gas Line Filter Holder, 25 mm, stainless steel

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Replacement Information
Catalogue NumberXX4002500
DescriptionGas Line Filter Holder, 25 mm, stainless steel
Background InformationApply a concentrated jet spray of ultracleaned solvent of rinse solution to surfaces that require washing. Just connect the FilterJet dispenser to a dispensing vessel to ensure that the solvent or other liquid is filtered immediately before dispensing.

Applications: Solvent Filtration Prior to Contamination Analysis, Solvent Rinsing of Machined Parts and Collection Containers

XX6702500 FilterJet Solvent Dispenser

Replacement Parts
XX6702501 Handle and Valve Assembly
XX6702502 Valve Seals, PTFE
XX6702506 Pressure Tubing with 1/4 in. NPT Adapters, PE
XX6702507 Tube Adapter, 1/4 in. NPTM to 1/4 in. Tube
XX6702508 Tubing, 6 mm O.D. x 3 m, polypropylene
XX6702RK Replacement Parts Kit for FilterJet Solvent Dispenser
XX4002500 Gas Line Filter Holder, 25 mm, stainless steel
XX40025RK Replacement Parts Kit for Filter Holder

XX6700P05 Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 5 L
YY1301015 Pressure Gauge, 0-7 bar
YY2029348 Ball Valve, 1/4 in. NPTF, stainless steel
XX6700030 Quick-release Nipple & Coupling, 1/4 in. NPTM
Product Information
HS Code8421 99 99
Applicable Device
  • Gas Line Filter Holder
Quality LevelMQ100
ApplicationGas Line Filter Holder, 25mm, stainless steel
Biological Information
Physicochemical Information
Filtration Area3.9 cm²
Filter Diameter (⌀)25 mm
Prefilter Diameter (⌀)22 mm (thick depth prefilter)
Materials Information
Materials of ConstructionStainless steel filter holder
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Safety Information
Product Usage Statements
Storage and Shipping Information
Packaging Information
Material Size1
Transport Information
Supplemental Information
Global Trade Item Number
Catalog Number GTIN
XX4002500 04053252724596


Gas Line Filter Holder, 25 mm, stainless steel SDS


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

Certificates of Quality

Certificate of Quality XX4002500-CP2EB3779
Certificate of Quality XX4002500-CP2JB4388
Certificate of Quality XX4002500-CP3CB4181
Certificate of Quality XX4002500-CP3DB7024
Gas Line Filter Holder - CP6AA6804
Holder 25mm SST Gas In-Line - CP0AA9258
Holder 25mm SST Gas In-Line - CP0HA5657
Holder 25mm SST Gas In-Line - CP0SB3952
Holder 25mm SST Gas In-Line - CP1CB2523
Holder 25mm SST Gas In-Line - CP1CB9515

User Guides

Gas Line 25 mmm Filter Holder User Guide