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70526 Clonables™ Ligation/Transformation Kit - Novagen

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70526-3 Plastic ampoule 11 rxn
OverviewThe Clonables™ Kit enables convenient, dependable, high-efficiency ligation and transformation of any compatible DNA ends. The kit features a unique, universal Ligation Premix, containing ligase, buffer, and cofactors, which supports ligation of any type of DNA cohesive or blunt ends in a 15-minute reaction. Ligated DNA is transformed into NovaBlue Singles™ Competent Cells, which use a streamlined protocol that takes less than 8 minutes for ampicillin-resistant plasmids and 38 minutes for other antibiotic-resistant plasmids. This kit can be used with a variety of cloning vectors and is compatible with any type of DNA end, without altering the ends or desired cloning junctions.

The Clonables Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform 11 ligation and transformation reactions, and includes a control vector and insert mix to verify performance.
Catalogue Number70526
Brand Family Novagen®
Features and benefits
  • Fast! 15-minute ligation, 8-minute transformation with ampicillin selection
  • Ligation components premixed to decrease pipetting steps and increase reliability
  • One reaction, optimized for cohesive ends, single base overhangs, and blunt ends
  • Single-use competent cells eliminate need to aliquot, freeze/thaw, or waste partially used vials
  • Compatible with PCR buffer, TE, restriction enzyme buffer, or End Conversion Mix
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    High fidelity gene amplification


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    TB233 Clonables™ Kit