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L6715-BC Biocoll 1.077

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L6715 500 ml
OverviewBiocoll separating solution does contain a polymer with a molecular weight of approx. 400000 Dalton. Densities of up to 1.1 g/ml can be adjusted using this hydrophilic polymer. For optimal pH and osmolality, adjusting Biocoll with an acid, preferably amidotrizoeic acid(ATA), and sodium hydroxide is required. Biocoll with densities of 1.077 g/ml (Cat. No. L6113/5) and 1.090 g/ml (Cat. No. L6125) are already adjusted accordingly.


Sterility: Pass
Functional Test: Pass
pH: 7.0-7.5
Osmolality: 0.290-0.320 Osm/kg H20
Endotoxin: < 1.0 EU/ml
Density: 1.076-1.078 g/ml
Color: Colorless
Appearance: Clear

Separating solutions

Separating solutions are used for the isolation of cells or cellular particles during density gradient centrifugation. We offer two different separating solutions: Biocoll and Easycoll. These two solutions differ in the respectively contained polymer. Biocoll separating solution does contain a polymer with a molecular weight of approx. 400000 Dalton. The basis of Easycoll is silica gel particles, coated with PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone). The ready-made solutions are already preset on physiological values of osmolality and ph-value.


The ready-to-use separating solution Easycoll is already adjusted to physiological conditions of osmolality and pH value. But you can also adjust a required density yourself diluting Easycoll correspondingly.
Table 36: Instruction how to dilute the stock solution of Biocoll (density 1.090 g/ml; cat. no. L 6125) with PBS (cat. no. L 1825/0)
All amounts given for a temperature of +20°C. Only PBS w/o Ca2+, Mg2+ is suitable, since these ions will influence agglomeration and increase formation of cell clusters.

Separating lymphocytes using Biocoll:

1. Biocoll separating solution (D = 1.077 at +20°C) is given to 15 or 25 ml centrifugal tubes in volumes of 7 ml and 10 ml, resp.
2. Equal parts of heparinized whole blood (50 U/ml heparin, stabilizer-free) and culture medium are mixed and carefully applied over Biocoll separating solution.
3. Centrifuge 1200xg for 20 min.
4. Take layer of enriched (70 - 100 %) lymphocytes (between plasma and Biocoll) with a Pasteur′s pipette and wash twice in culture medium:
• for 10 min at 300xg
• for 10 min at 200xg
5. Cell count as usual.
Catalogue NumberL6715-BC
Brand Family Calbiochem®
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