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69390 Bacteriophage CE6 - Novagen

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69390-3 Plastic ampoule 0.2 ml
69390-4 Glass bottle 10 ml

Bacteriophage CE6 is a recombinant lambda phage containing the T7 RNA polymerase gene (Studier 1986). The polymerase gene is cloned into the int gene, such that it is transcribed from the pL and pI promoters of the phage during infection. λCE6 can be used to provide a source of T7 RNA polymerase to susceptible host cells carrying T7 expression plasmids. In general, it is used when a target gene is so toxic that the plasmid cannot be maintained in DE3 lysogenic hosts, or with alternative hosts that are not DE3 lysogens. The phage has λcI857 immunity and the Sam7 mutation, which requires supF hosts for lytic growth (neither lytic growth nor different immunity are required for T7 RNA polymerase synthesis). It is provided as a high titer lysate and includes host strains LE392 (rK12 mK12+) and ED8739 (rK12 mK12) as glycerol stocks. The 10-ml size is enough to induce up to 100 ml culture.

This product contains genetically modified organisms (GMO). Within the EU GMOs are regulated by Directives 2001/18/EC and 2009/41/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and their national implementation in the member States respectively. This legislation obliges MilliporeSigma to request certain information about you and the establishment where the GMOs are being handled. Click here for Enduser Declaration (EUD) Form.
Catalogue Number69390
Brand Family Novagen®
ReferencesStudier, F.W. and Moffatt, B.A. 1986 J. Mol. Biol. 189, 113.
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Quality LevelMQ100
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Ship Code Shipped with Blue Ice or with Dry Ice
Toxicity Multiple Toxicity Values, refer to MSDS
Storage ≤ -70°C
Avoid freeze/thaw Avoid freeze/thaw
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Reference overview
Studier, F.W. and Moffatt, B.A. 1986 J. Mol. Biol. 189, 113.


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