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MAB079-1 Anti-S-100 Protein Antibody, clone 15E2E2

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      Key Specifications Table

      Species ReactivityKey ApplicationsHostFormatAntibody Type
      H, B, M, RIHC, IH(P), IP, WBMPurifiedMonoclonal Antibody
      Catalogue NumberMAB079-1
      Brand Family Chemicon®
      Trade Name
      • Chemicon
      DescriptionAnti-S-100 Protein Antibody, clone 15E2E2
      Alternate Names
      • Calcium Binding Protein A1/B1
      Background InformationS-100 protein is a member of the EF-hand calcium-binding protein superfamily that is widely distributed and conserved in the central nervous system of vertebrates. The protein exists in both heterodimeric and homodimeric forms. The two subunits of S-100 protein are the products of separate genes that are differentially expressed by various cells. The beta subunit is present in all S-100 positive cells and tumors. In contrast, the alpha subunit is detectable only in heart, skeletal muscle and brain. In addition to its calcium binding properties, S-100 protein has a high-affinity binding site for zinc and is involved in the regulation of protein phosphorylation in the brain. The protein apparently plays a role in cell differentiation and growth, cytoskeletal structure and function, and has been implicated in neuropathological diseases.
      Product Information
      • Positive Control Tissue: Melanoma
      PresentationPurified mouse monoclonal IgG2aκ in buffer containing PBS, pH 7.6, 1% BSA and 0.09% sodium azide.
      Quality LevelMQ100
      ApplicationAnti-S-100 Protein Antibody, clone 15E2E2 is an antibody against S-100 Protein for use in IH, IH(P), IP & WB.
      Key Applications
      • Immunohistochemistry
      • Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin)
      • Immunoprecipitation
      • Western Blotting
      Application NotesImmunoprecipitation:
      A previous lot of this antibody was used in IP.

      Visualization of cellular and subcellular localization of S-100 protein using immunohistochemical techniques.

      A 1:100-200 dilution of a previous lot was used for paraffin embedded tissue sections.

      Optimal working dilutions must be determined by end user.
      Biological Information
      ImmunogenPurified bovine S-100 protein
      EpitopeRecognizes both alpha & beta S100
      ConcentrationPlease refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the lot-specific concentration.
      SpecificityRecognizes intact, alpha and beta subunits of bovine, human, and murine S-100 protein, as determined by immunoprecipitation profiles.
      Species Reactivity
      • Human
      • Bovine
      • Mouse
      • Rat
      Antibody TypeMonoclonal Antibody
      Entrez Gene Number
      Entrez Gene SummaryThe protein encoded by this gene is a member of the S100 family of proteins containing 2 EF-hand calcium-binding motifs. S100 proteins are localized in the cytoplasm and/or nucleus of a wide range of cells, and involved in the regulation of a number of cellular processes such as cell cycle progression and differentiation. S100 genes include at least 13 members which are located as a cluster on chromosome 1q21. This protein may function in stimulation of Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release, inhibition of microtubule assembly, and inhibition of protein kinase C-mediated phosphorylation. Reduced expression of this protein has been implicated in cardiomyopathies.
      Gene Symbol
      • S100A1
      • S100A
      • S100
      • S100-alpha
      Purification MethodProtein A Purfied
      UniProt Number
      UniProt SummaryFUNCTION: SwissProt: P23297 # Weakly binds calcium but binds zinc very tightly- distinct binding sites with different affinities exist for both ions on each monomer. Physiological concentrations of potassium ion antagonize the binding of both divalent cations, especially affecting high-affinity calcium-binding sites.
      SIZE: 94 amino acids; 10546 Da
      SUBUNIT: Dimer of either two alpha chains, or two beta chains, or one alpha and one beta chain.
      TISSUE SPECIFICITY: Highly prevalent in heart. Also found in lesser quantities in skeletal muscle and brain.
      SIMILARITY: SwissProt: P23297 ## Belongs to the S-100 family. & Contains 2 EF-hand domains.
      Physicochemical Information
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Quality AssuranceEvaluated by Western Blot on PC12 lysates

      Western Blot Analysis:
      1:1000 dilution of this antibody detected S100 on 10 µg of PC12 lysate.
      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Storage ConditionsStable for 1 year at 2-8ºC from date of receipt.
      Packaging Information
      Material Size100 µL
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information


      Anti-S-100 Protein Antibody, clone 15E2E2 SDS


      Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

      Anti-S-100 Protein Antibody, clone 15E2E2 Certificates of Analysis

      TitleLot Number
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 3077120
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2118933 2118933
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2395675 2395675
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2424627 2424627
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2459010 2459010
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - NG1820157 NG1820157
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2021712 2021712
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2053334 2053334
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2172692 2172692
      Anti-S-100 Protein, clone 15E2E2 - 2273794 2273794