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Amicon® Pro Purification System - Customer Reviews

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Biologically Active Proteins Yield Meaningful Data.

When you start with consistent yields of active, native-folded protein, you’re giving your experiment the best chance to succeed. If your current protein preps involve juggling columns, dialyzers and multiple transfer steps, you could be introducing variability into your data. For your next protein preparation, choose the simple, gentle method that tackles even the most labile and poorly expressed proteins—the Amicon® Pro purification system.

See what our customers are saying about the Amicon® Pro purification system.

Dr. Charis Pericleous, University College London
Post-doctoral researcher describes how the Amicon® Pro system has enabled her to “ask more questions using our final product”. 

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Jason Lehmann, University of California in San Diego
Graduate student researcher describes how the Amicon® Pro System has enabled him to “get a lot more done during the day using a much easier workflow”.

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“I have been using MilliporeSigma filtration unit since six years. I never had any problem while concentrating or buffer exchange with most of the proteins which I studied. I had able been to recover the proteins with minimal loss as well as in a good shape. Now, I really admire new generation centrifugal filter device i.e. Amicon® Pro which also allow affinity purification at one step. This makes my life easier as well as quick.”

Dr. Shashi Kumar, IGBMC, France