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FLEXMAP 3D® System

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/luminex-images/luminex-flexmap3d.jpgThe FLEXMAP 3D® system combines differentially dyed fluorescent microsphere sets with an innovative instrument design to enable precise, flexible, rapid multiplexing of up to 500 unique assays within a single sample.


  • Automated probe height adjustment
  • Simplified routine maintenance operations 
  • Intuitive software interface 
  • High-throughput multiplexing 
  • Quantification of protein and nucleic acid biomarkers

FLEXMAP 3D® System Advantages

  • Automation/LIS compatibility – New xPONENT® 4.0 Software controls the FLEXMAP 3D® system and offers automated maintenance routines as well as interfacing options for Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and other automation platforms.
  • Ultra fast – Run 48,000 analytes in less than one hour. Dual sample fluidics paths and increased syringe injection speed facilitate a faster sample injection rate.
  • 96- and 384-well capability – Greater sample volume flexibility and increased throughput.
  • Multi-functional – Perfect for running both protein and nucleic acid applications on the same instrument.
  • Extended Dynamic Range – Linear response of up to at least 400,000 MFI, range is limited by biology, not by the instrument.
  • Highest multiplexing – Each microsphere is impregnated with different amounts of three dyes. Monitoring the relative intensities of the three signals enables the system to discriminate up to 500 different microsphere sets.

FLEXMAP 3D® Multiplexing Instrument Specifications

  • Performance
    • Multiplexing capability: Up to 500 individual analytes
    • Dynamic Range: 4.5 logs
  • General
    • Physical Dimensions: 23”Wx25.7”Dx18”H(58.4cmWx 63.5cmDx 54.7cm H)
    • Weight: No more than 200 lbs (91 kg)
    • Plate Heater Operating Range: 35 - 60°C (95 - 131°F)
    • System Warm up*: 30 minutes
  • Optics
    • Classification Laser: 635 nm
    • Reporter Laser: 532 nm
    • Reporter Detector: 565 nm – 585 nm
  • Fluidics
    • Sheath Fluid Pressure: 8 – 15 psi
    • Sample injection rate: 2 µL/second
    • Sample uptake volume: 20 – 200 µL
*The FLEXMAP 3D® system is a class 1(l) laser product