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Strat-M® Membrane Chemical Compatibility

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Follow these recommended chemical compatibility guidelines when testing formulations and solutions using a Strat-M® membrane.

R = Recommended
N = Not Recommended
L = Limited Applications (test)

SolventsStrat-M® MembraneSolventsStrat-M® Membrane
Acetone N Guanidine Thiocyanate (5M) R
Acetonitrile L Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) R
Acetonitrile (10%) R Hydroxlamine (2M) R
Acetonitrile (40% in 1% TFA) L Imidazole (1M) R
Alconox (1%) R Isobutyl Alcohol N
Ammonium Acetate R Isopropyl Alcohol N
Ammonium Sulfate (50%) R Isopropyl Alcohol (10%) L
Ammonium Sulfate R Lubrol PX (0.1%) R
Amyl Alcohol N Methanol N
Benzyl Alcohol (1%) R Methanol (10%) R
n-Butanol N Nonidet P-40 (2%) R
CAPS(250mM, pH11) R Oleic Acid (5%) R
CHAPS (100mM) R Phenol (5%) R
Decon-90 (1%) R Phosphate Buffer (1M, pH8.2) R
Diethyl Pyrocarbonate (DEPC 0.2%) R Polyethylene Glycol (10%) R
Dimethylacetamide N Propanol N
Dimethylformamide N Propanol (10%) L
Dimethylformamide (10%) R Propylene Glycol R
Dioxane N Sodium Carbonate (20%) R
Dioxane (10%) R Sodium Cholate R
Dithiothreitol (0.1M) R Sodium Chloride (2M) R
DMSO (10%) R Sodium Deoxycholate (5%) R
DMSO N Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (3%) R
DTT/Banzamidine HCl (1mM each) R Sodium Thiocyanate (3M) R
Ethanol N Terg-A-Zyme (1%) R
Ethanol (10%) R Tetrahydrofuran N
Ethylene Glycol R Triethylamine (2%) R
Ethylene Glycol (10%) R Tris Buffer (1M, pH 8.2) R
Formaldehyde (5%) R Triton X-100 (5mM) R
Formamide N Tween 20 (0.1%) R
Glycerine (Glycerol) R Urea (8M) R
Guanidine HCl (6M) R