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MilliporeSigma provides assays in major research areas: Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Cell Signaling, Cancer, Cell Structure - all backed by excellent service and support.

Our portfolio of live cell assays, whole-cell assays, and activity assays and reporter systems advances direct and indirect detection of signaling and other cellular processes. These technologies facilitate protein target validation, identify cellular pathways, and determine mechanism of action for lead optimization environments.

Succeed in your research efforts with MilliporeSigma’s tried and true assays.

Follow the links below to find assays for your research focus, grouped by key topics to make your search more defined:
Research Area
Kits and Assays For Your Research
Angiogenesis Cancer Stem Cell
Apoptosis Cell Invasion and Migration
Autophagy Oxidative Stress
Neurite Outgrowth Oxidative Stress
Cell Structure
Cell Invasion and Migration Lentiviral Biosensor
Enrichment and Staining
Cell Signaling
Small GTPase Activation Transcription Factor
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Histone Modification 
DNA Methylation RNA Analysis
Stem Cell
Cancer Stem Cell Cellular Reprogramming
Stem Cell Characterization Kits