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Antibodies have become critical tools for most areas of life science research, primarily for their use as molecular tags for specific labeling and detection. MilliporeSigma is a leading antibody developer providing high quality reagents validated for use in immunostaining, blotting, purification, ChIP, flow cytometry and multiplexed assays.

Rest assured, knowing that every antibody we ship is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee. Excellent service and support, as well as popular tools, such as technical guides, training materials, pathway posters, and research reviews, enable your research. Use the search boxes to find the reliable primary and secondary antibodies you need to advance your research.

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As scientists, we understand your needs and demands. Our antibody research scientists continually review the latest publications and collaborate with leading research institutions to identify the most useful targets and antibodies.

We design multiple immunogens, taking into consideration posttranslational modifications, structure, cross-reactivity, and homology. We collaborate with leaders in key research areas, using their expertise to guide immunogen design, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development and application validations.

Before releasing the antibody to manufacturing, we ensure that our antibodies meet our strictest specifications. Only antibodies that pass our stringent review are made available to customers. Once produced and released for sale, we support customers’ research efforts with a highly specialized team of technical support scientists and field engineers.

Your time, your samples, your reputation, are all precious. Don’t take chances. Be right, from the start. Go with MilliporeSigma for Quality, Expertise, and Support.

Your Research is Our Research.

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Our portfolio contains over 10,000 quality antibodies. We never stop producing antibodies for your research needs. Consider a partnership with our OEM, Custom and Bulk reagent services team.