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Neuronal Development

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Anti-POU4F3 Antibody

Human U-251 MG cells were analyzed using Anti-POU4F3 (Cat. No. ABN744) and visualized with a fluorescent conjugated secondary antibody (green). Micro-tubules are shown in red.
Developmental neuroscience has a long history. Recent advances in protein isolation and molecular biology have greatly improved the identification of neural-specific developmental processes and allowed significant advances in the field. As a result, novel neural proteins involved in development and maturation of the various systems account for a significant portion of the new targets studied to date. MilliporeSigma offers a broad array of antibodies, kits and assays to advance your developmental neuroscience research. Find antibodies to targets such as: Nestin, WNT3, Sox11, Neurexin, NeuroD, DKK2, and many more.

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