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Antibody Development, Validation and Guarantee

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At MilliporeSigma, our commitment to advancing scientific research defines us – but how does it help you?

Our commitment to produce quality antibodies is based on innovation, customer beta testing and feedback to the design/engineering team. These efforts and collaborations have led to new validation techniques and novel antibody-based technologies, such as improved bead-based multiplex assays and imaging flow cytometry.

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Quality Antibodies Commitment
This cycle, from thoughtful design to field usage and reporting, is the basis of quality. Our technical background makes MilliporeSigma a leading designer and producer of quality antibodies, and not merely a distributor. There is a whole lot of science in every vial of our antibodies.

Antibody Guarantee
Our scientists are constantly experimenting with design and development to produce the most precise, dependable antibodies in the world. Our methodology and validation yield reliable evidence that allows us to repeatedly exceed our standards. That is why we are able to produce high quality antibodies that work. Our efforts, our battles, give you the immunity you need to succeed. Our failures, converted to success, make you Anti-Fail.

Anti-Fail: MilliporeSigma Knows Antibodies.
MilliporeSigma's highly validated antibodies are guaranteed for quality performance. In addition to application-specific validation, all of our antibodies are backed with a best-in-industry technical service team dedicated to our antibodies customers.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of one of our antibodies in a validated application, we will either provide sufficient technical support to enable success or provide full credit for the purchase of that antibody.

Learn Why You Can Feel Confident in Selecting our Antibodies for Your Research:


The Science in Every Tube

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Making the Impossible Antibody Possible

The diverse development expertise at MilliporeSigma gives us much higher success at producing precision antibodies to difficult target structures. We have developed an extensive collection of state-dependent antibodies detecting phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, etc. In addition, we have numerous conformation-specific antibodies for detecting subunit binding, or 3-Dimensional structure in protein aggregation very relevant to neurodegenerative and cancer disease research.
The Tough Targets
  • Post-translational modification (PTM) antibodies
  • Oligomeric or aggregate-specific antibodies
  • Native 3D native conformation antibodies
  • Native extracellular signaling domain structure antibodies
  • Multi-application antibodies including ChIP and flow cytometry
  • Multiplexed immunoassay antibodies (MILLIPLEX® bead-based assays using Luminex xMAP® technology)