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Spectroquant® Wastewater Test Kits

Validated Precision, Total Peace of Mind

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Learning Center/Spectroquant-wastewater-test-kits_150px.pngWith MilliporeSigma´s Spectroquant® test kits you get accurate results for a broad selection of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) measuring ranges – quickly and easily. Thanks to the thorough validation and certification process given to every item of our wide range of test kits.

Certified Safe

Each Spectroquant® test kit comes loaded with all the materials you need for accurate testing – and peace of mind. The most important part of each kit is the quality certificate: your proof that the kit has passed through rigorous quality assurance testing.

But our quality assurance doesn’t stop there. Each kit also offers:

  • International standards: Many of the Spectroquant®’s analysis methods are in line with international or national norms.
  • Comprehensive documentation of the quality for every kit is available as online batch and quality certificate for you to download from our website.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has even officially approved many of the Spectroquant® tests for wastewater analysis, such as chlorine, COD, phosphorous and sulfate tests. This means: You can conduct wastewater analysis and reproduce your results with full confidence.

Raising the “Bar” on User-Friendliness

Many Spectroquant® test kits feature a unique system for quick and easy operation. These kits contain an AutoSelector that features a barcode corresponding to the correct method in the Spectroquant® photometer. By using this auto selector automizes the method selection in your photometer and reduces the risk of errors and safes time. Furthermore our kits come with a wide selection of lab-tested applications for sample preparations. And we provide step-by-step guidelines, so you always have a helping hand. Got a question that the kit can’t answer? Our technical support staff is here for you.

Good for Your Lab, Good for the Environment

Precise wastewater analysis is a big step towards cleaner water – a benefit for the entire planet. Spectroquant® test kits use environmentally sound processes to help you contribute to a cleaner, safer world.

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