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Instrument Check Within the Spectroquant® System

Instrument-Supported Operational Qualification (OQ)

AQA1 – the instrument supported Operational Qualification within the Spectroquant® system Operational Qualification is used to assure the functionality of the instruments over the entire operating range, according to the defined procedures. In the Spectroquant® AQA concept this is equivalent with the AQA 1 mode preprogramed in the instruments. Spectroquant® colorimeters and photometers are checked by means of certified color standards and when needed by means of the Certipur® UV/VIS standards.

Reference Standard Kits for Picco, Move and Multy

MilliporeSigma offers users of Spectroquant® Picco, Move and Multy colorimeters two reference standard kits for verifying the accuracy of their instrument. Both kits include sealed cuvettes containing colored test solutions and a blank, quality documentation and an instruction manual – all packed in a handy carrying case. The reference standards have been validated as specified in the accompanying quality certificate. They provide you with reassurance that your results are both accurate and reliable.

Spectroquant® Reference Standard for Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone

Spectroquant® reference standard for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone This kit comprises 3 sealed cells containing stable, colored solutions plus 1 sealed blank cell, quality certificate and user instructions. Suitable for use with the Spectroquant® Colorimeter Picco Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH and the Spectroquant® colorimeter Move Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH.

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Spectroquant® Verification Standard for Spectroquant® Move 100 and Multy Colorimeter

Spectroquant® verification standard for Spectroquant® Multy This kit comprises 6 sealed cells containing stable, colored solutions for measuring the absorbance at 430 nm, 530 nm, 560 nm, 580 nm, 610 nm, and 660 nm plus 1 sealed blank cell, quality certificate and user instructions. Suitable for use with the Spectroquant® Colorimeter Move 100 and Colorimeter Multy.

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Spectroquant® PhotoCheck for NOVA and Pharo

A complete set of highly stable color solutions for monitoring Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometers: Spectroquant® PhotoCheck. A check in a reference spectrophotometer – which itself is monitored using primary standards (NIST standards) – confirms that this medium can be traced back to international standards. Spectroquant® PhotoCheck is thus suited for test-instrument checking purposes according to DIN EN ISO 9001 resp. 14001. All results can be subsequently transferred to a printer or a PC for documentation.

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Certipur® UV/VIS Standards for Spectrophotometers

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Test Kits/LE-Certipur Spectroscopy-150x148-05052014.jpgThe consistent and correct functioning of your UV/VIS spectrophotometer can be monitored through Certipur® standards. Certipur® solutions can be used to check the following parameters as per Ph. Eur.:

  • Absorption
  • Stray light
  • Wavelength accuracy
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Spectroquant® Zero Cell for NOVA and Pharo

A 16 mm round cell filled with distilled water to be used for the Zero Adjustment of Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometers. It is available as replacement of the Zero Cell contained in the initial supply of each Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometer. We recommend to renew the Zero Cell every two years to assure the correct Zero Adjustment of your photometer.

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Video on analytical quality assurance with Spectroquant®

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