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Spectroquant® Zinc Tests for Faster Fermentation

Accurately Measure Concentrations in the Beer Wort.

Beer wort fermentation is a technically complex process. The last thing you need are time-consuming delays. They can arise during this sensitive process if the concentration of zinc in the wort or yeast is too low. In the absence of zinc

  • the composition of the fermentation by-products changes
  • maltose intake slows down
  • sedimentation ability and heat sensitivity of the yeast increase

All of which leads to the deterioration of beer quality. Ideally, zinc concentration in the wort should be 0.10 to 0.15 mg/l. Using the Spectroquant® zinc tests you can accurately measure zinc concentration enabling you to accelerate your fermentation by adding zinc chloride to the wort. Why leave your fermentation to chance when you have the power to influence it?

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