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Spectroquant® Test for a Perfect Foam Head

Testing to Determine the Concentration in Beer

First impression is critical – so the foam head on your beer has to be perfect. Don’t take a chance. Use the Spectroquant® calcium test kit to determine the calcium content

  • in the water you use to produce your beer
  • in the wort
  • in the beer itself

Controlling the calcium content to achieve the ideal level of 50 mg/l gives your beer the stable foam head preferred by consumers worldwide. Enhance your reputation to give you an edge over your competition. Maximize the quality and success of every batch of beer you brew from start to finish. Don’t stop at controlling the calcium content in the water you use to brew the beer. Check the beer, too! For MilliporeSigma's Spectroquant® calcium test is the only kit on the market that can be used to test calcium concentration in beer. Other test kits don’t work. Rely on MilliporeSigma: For analysis you can trust to ensure the high quality of your beer.

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