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Spectroquant® Move DC Mobile Colorimeter


Test at the click of a button using all parameters for disinfection control with one instrument.
  • Simplify disinfection control.


Trust your results with our secure, simplified Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) and enhanced documentation.
  • Secure rapid, reliable results.


Move your water analysis anywhere – even to wet or dusty environments – thanks to IP 68 classification.
  • Move your analysis anywhere.
Spectroquant® Move 100 Case

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Spectroquant® Data Transfer 

Transfer, store or print your measurements – quickly and easily. The package includes data transfer software compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Alternatively, you can print your results using a USB printer, or a printer with a serial plug-in connected to the Spectroquant® Data Transfer unit.
Spectroquant Move Data Transfer Module

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