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Product Announcement: Process Solutions

MilliporeSigma’s Clarisolve® mPAA Flocculation Polymer Improves Clarification of High Cell Density Feed Streams

Clarisolve® mPAA
  • Lower depth filtration area required, compared with no pre-treatment
  • Ease of operation relative to other pre-treatment options
  • Consistent performance

23 October 2017

The Clarisolve® mPAA polymer is a stimulus-responsive flocculation polymer designed specifically to enable a simpler clarification of high density cell culture monoclonal antibody (mAb) processes, and provides an alternative to centrifugation for these challenging bioreactor harvests when used in combination with Clarisolve® depth filters.

High cell density feed streams typically require increased depth filtration area. Although flocculation reagents such as acids or polymers can help reduce the filtration area needed to clarify these streams, some chemicals can negatively affect the stability of mAbs or leave high residual levels post-flocculation. The Clarisolve® mPAA polymer achieves the reduction in filtration area while minimizing risk by providing low residual polymer levels with no negative impact on downstream unit operations. Compared with other flocculation polymers, the flocculation with the Clarisolve® mPAA polymer is less dependent on the dosage of the polymer, which increases robustness and results in a wide-dosing window.

The Clarisolve® mPAA polymer, used in conjunction with Clarisolve® depth filters as a pre-treatment solution, reduces the area needed for depth filtration while providing consistent performance in terms of flocculation capability and impurity removal. This leads to significant savings in set-up time, consumable use, water flushing and cost. Furthermore, the Clarisolve® mPAA polymer also enables fully synthetic clarification when used in conjunction with the Clarisolve® 60HX depth filter, providing an option to traditional depth filters which are made of natural materials.

The Clarisolve® mPAA polymer builds on MilliporeSigma’s robust portfolio of clarification products and complements the Clarisolve® depth filtration platform.

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