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Process Solutions: Portfolio Announcements

MilliporeSigma Named Best Vaccine Solution Provider MilliporeSigma won the Best Vaccine Solution Provider Award at the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2021. The Asia Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards ceremony took place virtually in March 2021 in conjunction with the 8th Annual Biologics Manufacturing Asia Conference and the 5th annual Biologics World Asia 2021. 21 May 2021
MilliporeSigma Launches Nanoparticle-Reduced Sucrose for Biopharmaceutical Formulations MilliporeSigma developed a new filtration-based manufacturing process resulting in a new, highly purified sucrose grade with reduced levels of nanoparticle impurities (NPI). The new product, Sucrose EMPROVE® EXPERT Ph Eur, ChP, JP, NF, is the ideal choice for the high-risk applications of manufacturing and formulating biomolecules. 4 November 2019
MilliporeSigma Introduces Parteck® COAT Excipient, a Fast-Dissolving Material for Immediate Release Coating MilliporeSigma has launched its Parteck® COAT excipient, a new functional material designed for immediate release film coating applications. Parteck® COAT is a particle engineered polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with a unique particle structure that enables rapid dissolution even at low temperatures leading to an increased process efficiency. 4 November 2019
MilliporeSigma Launches ADC Express™ Services to Accelerate Pre-clinical Conjugation Candidate Selection MilliporeSigma today introduced its ADC Express™ services for the rapid production of ADCs, which can reduce the time needed to produce development grade constructs for target molecule identification. 8 October 2019
MilliporeSigma Acquires Data Management and Analysis Platform for Biopharma Real-Time Process Monitoring and Reporting MilliporeSigma has acquired all ownership rights to the ProcessPad™ platform from Simplyfeye Softwares Private Limited. The agreement includes the transfer of all copyrights and relevant intellectual property related to this software platform. 21 August 2019
MilliporeSigma Introduces New Integrated Plug & Play Upstream Development Service MilliporeSigma has launched its Plug & Play Upstream Development Service to help emerging biotech and start-up companies optimize the cost and speed of advancing their molecule to the clinical stage. 17 July 2019
MilliporeSigma Offers Rhabdovirus-free Insect Platform for Viral Vaccines and Gene Therapy Development MilliporeSigma is collaborating with GlycoBac LLC to offer a Sf-9 insect cell line. GlycoBac’s development of a proven rhabdovirus-negative (RVN) cell line enables MilliporeSigma to offer the first Sf-9 platform combining a rhabdovirus-free insect cell line with a corresponding, chemically defined cell culture medium. 10 October 2018
MilliporeSigma's Novel Chemiflex™ Raw Materials Program Solves Regulatory Compliance Challenges in Small Molecule Drug Manufacturing MilliporeSigma today introduced a novel program to help process development scientists solve raw material quality, regulatory and procurement challenges that have plagued small molecule manufacturers. 8 October 2018
MilliporeSigma Introduces BioReliance® Droplet Digital PCR Technology for Cell and Gene Therapy Development MilliporeSigma today launched its Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) technology, a fully cGMP assay for titering viral products, including recombinant Adenovirus, Adeno-Associated Virus, Lentivirus and Retrovirus and other vectors used in cell and gene therapy development. 14 August 2018
MilliporeSigma’s New BioReliance® Rapid Sterility Testing Service Delivers Results in Half the Time as Traditional Methods MilliporeSigma has launched its sterility testing service for a direct inoculation method using the BACT/Alert® 3D Rapid Microbial Detection System. This new current Good Manufacturing Practice service is suitable for sterility testing of a wide range of sample types including but not limited to cell culture media, vaccines, cell therapies and mammalian cell cultures. 9 August 2018
MilliporeSigma’s BioReliance® Product Characterization Services Help Ensure Purity, Safety and Efficacy MilliporeSigma has launched its BioReliance® Product Characterization Portfolio of tests for quality assessment of biologic drugs. This new, comprehensive suite of tests, provides critical information that biologic manufacturers need as they design their production process. 7 August 2018
Parteck® M DPI from MilliporeSigma – A New Carrier for Dry Powder Inhalation Applications Parteck® M DPI for dry powder inhalation (DPI) is a new grade of mannitol from MilliporeSigma that improves flow and release characteristics of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in drugs delivered via dry, inhaled powders. 30 October 2017
MilliporeSigma’s Clarisolve® mPAA Flocculation Polymer Improves Clarification of High Cell Density Feed Streams The Clarisolve® mPAA polymer is a stimulus-responsive flocculation polymer designed specifically to enable a simpler clarification of high density cell culture monoclonal antibody (mAb) processes, and provides an alternative to centrifugation for these challenging bioreactor harvests when used in combination with Clarisolve® depth filters. 23 October 2017
MilliporeSigma’s Poloxamer 188 EMPROVE® EXPERT Polymer Provides Consistent Protection and Performance The Poloxamer 188 EMPROVE® EXPERT polymer is a surface-active nonionic polymer used in cell culture media as a shear protectant and has become a standard component to cell culture media for production processes. 24 April 2017
Millipore Express® High Area Filters Ideal for Processing Feed Streams with High Particulate Levels MilliporeSigma’s Millipore Express® high area cartridges and single use capsules are ideal for feed streams with high levels of particulates, such as cell culture media and protein solutions. 16 March 2017
MilliporeSigma’s Integritest® 5 Instrument Provides Integrity Testing, Assurance MilliporeSigma’s new Integritest® 5 instrument is an easy-to-use, portable and fully automated integrity test system for verification of filters and processing equipment. 27 February 2017
Fully Integrated ADC Services to Reduce Complexity and Accelerate Time to Market We now offer complete and fully integrated services and products for the development and manufacturing of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) from gene sequencing to final drug substance. 22 February 2017
Mobius® Power MIX Single-use Mixing Systems Our Mobius® Power MIX single-use mixing systems are engineered with advanced technology to effectively handle difficult-to-mix buffers, culture media powders and other pharmaceutical ingredients. 30 January 2017
Mobius® Power MIX 2000 for Difficult-to-Mix Biopharm Ingredients Our Mobius® Power MIX 2000 single-use mixing system is engineered with advanced technology to effectively handle difficult-to-mix buffers, culture media powders and other pharmaceutical ingredients. 11 October 2016
Viresolve® Pro Shield H for More Robust, Economical Parvovirus Removal The new Viresolve® Pro Shield H is designed for use as a prefilter with Viresolve® Pro Devices for more robust, cost-economic viral clearance. 26 September 2016
Single Use Products with Ease-of-Use for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Workflows New Mobius® products include a 1000-liter single-use bioreactor with an industry-leading design, a 2000-liter mixing system for difficult-to-mix biopharm ingredients and a large volume liquid transport system for aseptic and non-aseptic substances. 26 April 2016
Lynx® CDR Sterile Connectors are Ready to Go in Just 3 Easy Steps Lynx® CDR connectors allow efficient fluid management through sterile connection, disconnection and reconnection. 26 April 2016