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Milligard® PES Filters

Milligard® PES filters are designed for effective bioburden reduction and reliable particulate removal from a broad range of process streams.

These filters are compatible with multiple sterilization and sanitization methods, deliver high flow and capacity and can be used throughout the production process, enabling protection of unit operations or more efficient sterile filtration.

Milligard® PES filters contain two layers of asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) membranes and are offered in three pore sizes providing flexibility to meet process needs: 1.2/0.2µm nominal and 1.2/0.45 µm filters for bioburden reduction, and a 1.2/0.8 µm filter for particulate removal.

  • OptiScale® 25 Capsule Filters
  • Milligard PES® Cartridge Filters

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