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BioContinuum Platform for Next Generation Bioprocessing

Evolution in Bioprocessing: Going intensified, connected and continuous

The move towards next generation bioprocessing – from process intensification to connected to fully continuous processing – is real and is happening now and we're all in it together: Biomanufacturers are seeking new strategies to deliver higher productivity, improved economics, and to achieve greater flexibility and enhance quality as well as safety. Suppliers are developing novel technologies and game-changing solutions. Regulatory agencies are helping to safeguard the way forward.

While the benefits of next generation bioprocessing are clear, there are multiple pathways to success and many options across a range of disciplines must be considered. For some applications and biomanufacturers, the focus will be on improving unit operation's interoperability, for others the goal will be connected or fully continuous processing.

Next Generation Processing: An Evolutionary Journey Across Many Disciplines

No matter your path – developing an intensified, connected or continuous bioprocess – the BioContinuum™ Platform provides the building blocks to help you achieve your specific bioprocessing goals.

Enter the era of Next Generation Processing confidently and make the factory of the future a reality.
Let's embark on the journey. Together.

What is the BioContinuum™ Platform and what’s in it for biomanufacturers?
An interview with Merrilee Whitney, head of BioContinuum™ Platform

Hear how this adaptive and evolving Platform of proven and novel technologies enables you to successfully accomplish your bioprocessing goals through either intensified, connected, or continuous bioprocessing.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Bioprocessing
An eBook published with The Medicine Maker

Experts from both biologics manufacturers and from MilliporeSigma provide their insights and perspectives on the on-going paradigm shift towards next generation bioprocessing occurring in today’s and tomorrow’s biopharma landscape.

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