On-Demand Webinar

Protein A Affinity Chromatography: How to capitalize on its
purification potential

Duration: 1 Hour
Speaker: Nanying Bian, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Chromatography R&D, MilliporeSigma

Abstract: Protein A affinity chromatography plays a critical role in the downstream purification processes of antibodies and other Fc-containing molecules due to its specificity and efficiency in the removal of soluble impurities from clarified cell culture. However, the relatively high cost of Protein A resins also drives the need to optimize this purification step and maximize resin performance and lifetime. Additionally, with new antibodies and Fc-containing molecules being developed for better pharmacokinetics and specificity, the commonly established one-step elution Protein A capture regimen might be under-utilizing Protein A’s purification potential, especially in the presence of antibody variants. Please join us and learn more about the productivity and Cost of Goods (COGs) calculation of Protein A affinity chromatography resin at production scale. You will learn about strategies to lower COGs by employing best practices in extending the life time of Protein A affinity chromatography resin. Additionally, the aggregate removal ability of Protein A affinity chromatography resin under pH gradient elution conditions will be discussed.

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