On-Demand Webinar

Process Development Best Practices: Optimizing normal flow membrane filters operated in series

Duration: 1 Hour
Speaker: Sal Giglia, Principal Applications Engineer, MilliporeSigma

Abstract: The traditional method for sizing normal flow filters operating in series has been shown to be inefficient and inadequate in applications where filter sizing is flow rate dependant. For filters operating in series at constant inlet pressure, each filter in the filtration train operates and generally fouls at different rates. Filter sizing models that do not account for the effect of flow rate on the rate of filter fouling will not properly simulate serial filtration behavior. As a result, filter train sizing estimates can be skewed and unbalanced between the initial filter and the final filter, leading to lower than expected serial filtration performance.

Join us as we share best practices for optimal filter sizing using a model and method that improves the accuracy of sizing membrane filters operated in series. In addition, we will demonstrate how to use this model for rapid and efficient optimization of prefilter to final filter area ratios.

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