Novagen® Vector Tables

The vector tables provide convenient access to relevant sequences, vector maps, User Protocols (TBs), inNovations articles, and product detail pages for all vectors. Sequences and vector maps are also available for discontinued vectors.


Vector FamilyHost System(s)Product Highlights
Duet Vectors Bacterial

- T7 promoter expression vectors

- Co-expression of two target proteins

Gateway® Nova pET-DEST & pCOLA-DEST Vectors Bacterial

- Reliable pET expression & purification with rapid Gateway cloning

LIC Duet Adaptors Bacterial

- Clone two open reading frames at once into E. coli Ek/LIC vectors for co-expression

pBAC Vectors Insect

- Baculovirus transfer plasmids designed for convenient cloning and expression of target genes from baculovirus vectors

pBiEx Vectors Insect/Bacterial

- Rapid expression of target genes in both E. coli and insect cells

pCDF and pRSF Vectors Bacterial

- Designed with compatible replicons and drug resistance for co-expression with each other or with many other pET vectors

pET Vectors Bacterial

- Most frequently cited system for prokaryotic protein expression

- Highest expression levels, tightest control over basal expression

pETBlue Vectors Bacterial

 -Tightly controlled T7-driven expression plus blue/white screen and high plasmid yield

pETcoco Vectors Bacterial

- Controllable-copy number vectors for improved stability of constructs

pIEx Vectors Insect

 - Rapid, high-level protein expression in insect cells without creating a recombinant baculovirus

pIEx/Bac Vectors Insect

- Dual-purpose vectors for direct transfection into insect cells or baulovirus production

pT7Blue® Vectors Bacterial

- Archiving, subcloning, sequencing, in vitro transcription

- pT7Blue-2 is also suitable in vitro transcription/translation & sequencing

pTandem-1 Vector and pTK-neo Mammalian

- pTandem vector is designed for co-expression of two genes in mammalian cells from a bicistronic RNA

- pTK-neo vector can select stably transformed mammalian cell lines using G418

pTriEx Vectors Insect/Bacterial/Mammalian

- Enables optimal protein expression in bacterial, insect and mammalian cells from a single plasmid

T7Select® Vectors Bacterial

- Phage display vectors

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