GSH/GSSH Ratio Assay Kit



(EMD. No. 371757)

Glutathione (GSH), the smallest intracellular thiol molecule, has tremendous reducing capacity and serves at a potent antioxidant in biological systems. Its levels are tightly regulated and a fine balance exists between GSH synthesis and oxidation. Oxidized glutathione (GSSG) is converted back to GSH by glutathione reductase that utilizes the reducing equivalents from NADPH to convert GSSG to 2GSH.

Mammalian cells exposed to increased oxidative stress exhibit lower GSH/GSSG ratios. GSH deficiencies have been reported in various pulmonary diseases, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C infection, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, commonly used drugs, such as acetaminophen can also reduce GSH levels in the liver. Hence, accurate measurement of the GSSG level or determination of the GSH/GSSG ratio is a useful indicator of oxidative stress and can be used to monitor the effectiveness of antioxidant intervention strategies.

Highlights of GSH/GSSH Ratio Assay Kit

  • Highly Sensitive and Specific:  Lower limit of detection in sample mixture is 9 nM GSSG. Over 13 analogues were tested to determine interference. All tested analogues have no interfering effect on the assay.
  • Easy to Use: A simplified colorimetric assay, the GSH/GSSG assay uses the thiol-scavenging reagent that rapidly scavenges GSH, but does not interfere with glutathione reductase assay. Each kit can be used for up to 100 tests for determining total glutathione/GSSG ratios or 200 tests for either of the two.
  • Quick Results: Assay time is about 1.5 hours.
  • Versatile: Can be used with whole blood, cell lysates, and tissue extracts.

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