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SX0420  GR ACS Sodium Chloride

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21 April 2014

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SX0420-1  Poly Bottle   500 g 
SX0420-11  Poly Bottle   100 g 
This Product is currently discontinued or not available.
SX0420-20  Fiber Drum w/bag   159 kg 
SX0420-22  Fiber Drum w/bag   50 kg 
SX0420-3  Poly Bottle   2.5 kg 
SX0420-5  Poly Pail   12 kg 
Prices are subject to change without notice.
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Product information
Grade Meets ACS Specifications, Meets Reagent Specifications for testing USP/NF monographs
Chemical formula NaCl
Molar mass 58.44
CAS number 7647-14-5
Chemical and physical data
Merck USA index 13 8671
Molar mass 58.44
Assay (argentometric) 99.0% min
Barium (Ba) Passes test (about 0.001%)
Bromide (Br) 0.01% max
Calcium (Ca) 0.002% max
Chlorate and nitrate (as NO3) 0.003% max
Heavy metals (as Pb) 5ppm max
Insoluble matter 0.005% max
Iodide (I) 0.002% max
Iron (Fe) 2ppm max
Magnesium (Mg) 0.001% max
pH of a 5% solution at 25°C 5.0-9.0
Phosphate (PO4) 5ppm max
Potassium (K) 0.005% max
Sulfate (SO4) 0.004% max

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