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Drying Agents - t.h.e. Desiccant

Drying Agents - t.h.e. Desiccant

t.h.e.® Desiccant -
      "the highly efficient" laboratory desiccant


t.h.e. desiccant is an all-purpose, high capacity drying agent.
        It can be regenerated by heating and is available in both indicating and non-indicating forms.

Cat. No. DX0014 - t.h.e. Desiccant 8% Indicating, 8 Mesh
Cat. No. DX0017 - t.h.e. Desiccant 100% Indicating, 6-8 Mesh
Cat. No. DX0015 - t.h.e. Desiccant Non-Indicating, 4 Mesh
Cat. No. DX0013 - t.h.e. Desiccant Non-Indicating, 8 Mesh



Desiccant % Water Adsorbed
t.h.e. Desiccant 35.8
Molecular Sieve 13X
(8-12 Mesh)
Molecular Sieve 3A (1/16") 21.7
Molecular Sieve 13X (1/16") 25.3
Alumina 13.4
Silica Gel 30.4
Drierite 24.5


Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg High Adsorptive Capacity
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg High Efficiency
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Desiccant maintains physical integrity, even when fully hydrated
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Inert
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Packs easily into drying columns and desiccators
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Spherical shape
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Economically priced
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Provides drier samples
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Speeds sample prep and analysis time
Drier samples, faster!
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg No messy slurries to clean up
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Reduces possibility of introducing foreign impurities
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Convenient to use
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Enhances moisture adsorption in drying tubes over other desiccants
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg t.h.e. Desiccant provides best value/performance for the money



t.h.e. Desiccant can be used to dry the following:

Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Air
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Carbon dioxide
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Natural gas
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Nonpolar hydrocarbons
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Organic solvents

Additional Technical Information

Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg With the indicating form, the desiccant color change begins at about 13% adsorption.
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg t.h.e. Desiccant adsorbs 5% of its weight in 16 hours
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Indicating drying agents turn pink in color when hydrated (moist). In its dry (anhydrous) state the cobaltous chloride indicator is blue in color. Upon regeneration, the gel changes from pink back to blue and can be used again.
Merck-US:/Lab/red_bullet.jpg Regenerate by heating at 120°C for 1-2 hours

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