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Visual tests now available as MColortest™

Rebranding: EMD Millipore introduces new brand name for visual tests

EMD Millipore represents the highest quality – and our visual tests are no exception. An important part of the merger is creating a uniform brand name for our products. We are proud to announce that as of 1 October, 2013, the brand name MColortest™ will be available worldwide and will replace the brand names AquaEMD®, Aquaquant® and Microquant®. The products, specifications and prices remain the same.

With MColortest™ test kits, you can expect exceptional measurements – time after time. This is thanks to the unique brilliance of the color cards and the high-quality comparators. They simplify allocation of the stated color values to ensure precise analyses. In fact, the tests are so easy to use that they require no special training - just follow the illustrated instructions provided.

Economy is another highlight of MColortest™ tests. Refill packs are available for many of the kits. These not only decrease your costs per determination, but also reduce environmental burden.

Your benefits:
  • Global portfolio with one brand name MColortest™ available
  • The products, specifications and prices are unchanged 
  • Brilliant color scales and high-quality comparators for precise results
  • Tested using certified standard solutions for maximum reliability
  • Long shelf life of up to 3 years
  • Refill packs decrease costs and environmental burden

MColortest™ titrimetric and colorimetric methods for medium concentrations

MColortest™ titrimetric and colorimetric methods for medium concentrationsIn titration tests, the sample is titrated until the color changes. The number of drops consumed to the turning point is counted or the scale value is read off from a pipette, and corresponds to the concentration of the tested parameter. For colorimetric tests, reagents are added to the sample, resulting in a color reaction. By allocating the color to a value on a reference scale, the corresponding concentration can be read off.



MColortest™ with color disk comparator for medium to high concentrations

MColortest™ titrimetric and colorimetric methods for medium concentrationsThese tests evaluate the color reaction according to the transmitted light method. This makes it possible to analyze even turbid and lightly colored water samples without further sample preparation. Thanks to the robust color comparator disk, the tests can be used in industrial areas and in wet environments. The ten-stage color disk is made of lightfast and extremely durable plastic slides. Almost every test contains break-proof test vessels for safer handling.


MColortest™ with color card comparator for very low to medium concentrations

MColortest™ with color card comparator for very low to medium concentrationsThe test offers high measurement sensitivities, even at very low concentrations. This is due to the greater layer thickness and special construction of the comparator. In this method, the reaction color of the sample is compared with the blank sample tinted by the color cards. The unique brilliance of the print and fine color graduation enable precise analyses, even down to the ppb range.



MColortest™ Refill packs

We devote our efforts not just to the actual applications themselves, but also to ensuring that we offer you economically attractive solutions. This is why refill packs are also available for many of our test kits, reducing the price for individual analyses in the process.

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