ech2o® Collection and Recycling Program


ech2o® is evolving!

MilliporeSigma has chosen a new Partner:
Triumvirate Environmental

  • To have a SIMPLER recycling process
  • To have a FASTER cardridges return procedure
  • To have a FLEXIBLE recycling program that fully integrates in your existing waste management.

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This new program was designed by MilliporeSigma to reduce the environmental impact of Lab Water purification cartridges.

  • Partnership with Triumvirate
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Traceable and certified program
  • Streamlined process

MilliporeSigma has been integrating environmental sustainability in its processes and operations over the last years by focusing on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction, as well as water and energy saving.

Now, in response to increasing emphasis on product stewardship, we are pleased to provide the ech2o® program, an innovative product collection and recycling program that is designed to reduce the environmental impact of Lab Water purification cartridges.

Customer Quotes

"I think recycling as much as possible is a great idea. I would love to be able to recycle the cartridges."

"I think it is a very good idea. In my opinion, most labs are not doing enough to recycle and companies should be providing more environmentally friendly products with recycling schemes."

"I support this idea and look forward to the opportunity to participate."

Positive Environmental Impact

Reducing environmental impact during a product’s use and end-of-life phases fits in with the sustainability programs of companies and academic centers. Scientists keen to reduce waste in their labs are also genuinely inclined to adopt sustainable solutions. While we and Triumvirate have been instrumental in improving the ech2o® Collection & Recycling Program, you are the key player in this environmental effort. We have provided this new service to answer users’ recurrent questions of how to dispose of water purification cartridges, but only your participation — when you ship back your used cartridges for recycling — can make the program a success. Reducing the environmental impact of Lab Water cartridges will result from a joint commitment from all of the players: you, as the user, MilliporeSigma and Triumvirate.

Environmental Impact of Pure Water in the Laboratory

Pure water used in the laboratory is produced by water purification systems. These purification systems combine several purification technologies in order to remove the various types of contaminants present in tap feed water. While some of the purification technologies are built into the systems, other technologies and media are contained within consumable cartridges. These cartridges have a limited capacity, which means they must be exchanged after a defined period of use (usually 5-6 months on average).

Improvements have already been made to limit the environmental impact of the water purification units (hardware), and to select integrated technologies that do not require chemicals to remain operational. Up until now, however, nothing had been done to reduce the environmental impact of the consumable cartridges. Developed in partnership with an environmental waste company, the ech2o® program reduces the cartridges’ environmental footprint, and offers users traceability, as well as a streamlined collection and recycling process.

A fully Traceable Program

Although there are other sustainability programs available today, few of these programs are designed with you in mind. Both MilliporeSigma and Triumvirate have long had a strong commitment to quality, and it was important to both companies to offer a truly traceable collection and recycling solution. Traceability begins with user identification in the ech2o® website, increases with the barcode accompanying the cartridge during transport, and then continues right up to the auditable waste management site where cartridges are recycled. Traceability ensures that cartridges will not simply be transported for landfill or incineration without recycling part of the components.


This program is fully in line with our approach to sustainability. Our objective is to set up a range of programs and activities—not only around environmental impacts, reduction of global warming potential and reduction of energy and water in factories, but also around social impacts on local communities. MilliporeSigma Lab Water has long been a leader in laboratory water purification. Today, we want to put this influence to the best use by implementing the ech2o® program and promoting sustainability in scientific laboratories around the world.

How to Return Cartridges

Join the ech2o® Collection and Recycling Program:

Return Cartridges

For additional information, please phone 1.888.645.5478 and state you are from the MilliporeSigma Filter Recycling program.

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