Campylobacter Testing in Poultry Flocks


Campylobacter testing in poultry:
Singlepath® Direct Campy Poultry Kit

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Do-it-yourself poultry Campylobacter onsite test
for reliable results within 2 hours

Singlepath® Direct Campy Poultry Kit Campylobacter testing is essential in today’s industries; regulations and policies are being implemented that shift the focus from contamination response to prevention, enabling consumers to purchase only high-quality, uncontaminated food. Testing for Campylobacter is a useful monitoring tool for on-farm biosafety and in slaughterhouse risk management.

Normally Campylobacter testing takes about 48 hours by using standard microbiological methods and 3 hours by real-time PCR. Both methods require microbiological laboratory or capital-intensive instrumentation.

The new and innovative Singlepath® Direct Campy Poultry Lateral Flow Kit from EMD Millipore allows you to take the right decision at the right time. Do-it-yourself and screen on-site within 2 hours for Campylobacter immediately prior to slaughter.

EMD Millipore’s on-site Singlepath® Direct Campy Poultry immunoassay provides faster and more meaningful results:

  • Fast: From sample collection to test results in no more than 2 hours
  • Easy-to-use: “Pregnancy test” assay design for convenient on-site use
  • Reliable: Clear yes/no display and additional positive control for reliable results
  • Economical: No need for laboratory, expensive instrumentation or skilled staff

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