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Biopharma Product Recycling

Triumvirate EnvironmentalAs part of our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of our products, we have designed a product recycling program. The program has been set up through an exclusive partnership with Triumvirate Environmental in order to enable bioprocess manufacturing customers to fully recycle all MilliporeSigma single-use and disposable products.

  • 100% Product Recycling
    • Triumvirate’s innovative program can utilize the entire product in it’s recycling process
    • No segregation or disassembly of products required
  • Accepting Single-use products including bio-hazardous classified material
    • Regulated Medical Waste Facility can be part of the entire recycling process; ensuring a safe and fully traceable process
    • Single-use Products Include:
      • Depth Filters
      • Cartridge and Capsule Filters
      • Bio-reactor Bags, tubing and assemblies
  • Helps to Meet Waste Reduction Goals
    • Results from previous pilot programs showed a 5-7% increase in site recycling rates
    • Has been shown to increase landfill diversion rates

We continue to explore additional creative solutions to further reduce the life cycle impacts and costs of our products. By working with our customers we have developed key programs that are beginning to change the end-of-life scenario for many of our products.

Retrologistik Disposal Service

Retrologistik® Disposal Service

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